Beethoven tour

Celebrating Europe with Beethoven: 27 cities, 27 masterpieces

Beethoven symbolises human brotherhood, and his music is woven into the very fabric of the European Union. That is why Beethoven27 aims to unite the EU through the performance of 27 pivotal compositions by Beethoven: a political objective that we aim to achieve by organising concerts in 27 cities throughout Europe.

To commemorate these performances, audience members  will receive a unique gift: a numbered replica fragment from the score of the Ninth Symphony, as a lasting memento and a symbol that we are all links in the international chain of brotherhood.

Harmonising with Beethoven’s life

At the heart of the Beethoven27 project are 27 key compositions, spread across nine programmes, that take both the audience and the performers on a chronological journey through Beethoven’s life and work.

At the start of each programme, virtuoso pianist Kit Armstrong will perform a Bach prelude and fugue in the key of the opening work, highlighting Beethoven’s innovative style while respecting its roots, and tuning the audience in to Beethoven’s mindset.

Each concert programme follows the same structure: a Beethoven symphony will be coupled with a concertante work and a keyboard sonata or chamber piece – a telling combination highlighting the pianistic focus in Beethoven’s orchestral music.

From 2024 to 2027, the LCO orchestra will tour Europe with over 40 concerts.
Beethoven tour

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