Uniting Europe through Beethoven's music

In the early nineteenth century, Beethoven issued a call for peace in the form of two masterpieces: the Missa solemnis and the Ninth Symphony. His music symbolises human brotherhood, reflected in the text sung by the choir in the Ninth: Alle Menschen werden Brüder.

To help realise this humanistic objective, celebrated conductor Jan Caeyers has founded Beethoven27, a European project that he leads in conjunction with artistic partner Kit Armstrong. Both share the belief that music has a powerful role to play in today’s society.

Beethoven27 aims to go beyond a mere aesthetic or emotional experience. It seeks instead to call attention to the relationship between Beethoven and the identity of Europe, and unite 27 of its cities through the universal language of music.

To undertake this ambitious mission, a partnership has been formed between conductor Jan Caeyers, pianist Kit Armstrong, the LCO orchestra, the Arnold Schoenberg Choir and the Beethoven Haus in Bonn. We would also like to thank our facility partners and sponsors who have helped to make Beethoven27 possible.

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