Beethoven legacy

Recording Beethoven

Beethoven27 will not only present Beethoven’s music, but also capture it for future generations to enjoy. Each of the project’s nine productions will conclude with both an audio and video recording in the European concert hall of the performance, preserving a piece of Beethoven’s legacy for the future. Beethoven27 therefore paints a portrait not only of Beethoven, but also of Europe and its rich cultural tradition.

Exploring Beethoven

Beethoven, A Life

Jan Caeyers has taught at KU Leuven since 1985, where he shared his expertise and passion for Viennese classical music with tomorrow’s musicologists. His extensive knowledge of Beethoven and his talent for storytelling are combined in Beethoven, A Life: a critically-acclaimed biography that was published in 2009 and has been translated into five languages.

Sharing Beethoven

Beethoven's vision of brotherhood and unity inspires us to share the Beethoven27 project with the widest possible audience. To accomplish this, we are creating a documentary and a TV series, as well as videos in shorter formats (for YouTube and elsewhere). Through these media, we aim to unveil the inner workings of Beethoven27 and shed light on the often lesser-known world of professional orchestras, presenting an engaging audiovisual narrative.

Beethoven legacy

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